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Tax - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tax added to all orders?

No, it depends on the shipping location. In other words, whether you be charged or not will depend on where you are. Currently, the VAT Tax is applying on some of the European countries.

What is the VAT rate applicable in my country?

We don't have a fixed Tax rate for all orders. The standard VAT rate in the EU is in the range of 17 – 27%. Kindly check this link for your reference. 

Your order's tax rate will be calculated and shown on the checkout page. That's because we need your shipping address to determins the VAT rate added.


Why the order is dispatched within the UK, but still being taxed? 

Under the new EU VAT rules, no matter where the package comes from, it is still being taxed. If the parcel is dispatched within the EU, the order will add VAT based on the VAT number of the destination that the goods are shipped from. If the package is shipped from outside the EU, the VAT will be charged via IOSS. 

Why do I have to pay a high amount of tax in the UK? 

According to UK law, the standard VAT rate is 20% applied for most goods and services. Your tax payment ensures that your transaction will comply with the local law. Relating detailed information, please kindly refer to this link.

Will I be charged again when goods deliver to my country?

No. Since July 1st, 2021, if you have paid for an order with VAT in Gossby, VAT should not be charged again by the customs/logistics provider. Therefore, when you're being asked to pay VAT when it comes to the clearance border, please inform us immediately for further support.  

Should I pay the customs duties if I already paid VAT? 

Yes (but only with the certain cases as below). VAT and customs duties are different types of taxes. We only charge the VAT Tax on the Checkout page.

From 1 July 2021, Gossby is required under the new EU VAT rules to collect VAT for orders at EUR 150 or less that are shipping from outside of the EU to buyers located in the EU at check-out.  

Parcels with goods valued > EUR 150 will be subject to VAT and customs duties as appropriate upon importation, and all fees will be charged by your Customs. Gossby only charges your shipping fee.

Will VAT be returned back to me when the order was refunded? 

Yes. For orders added VAT, besides the refund amount for subtotal, we will also refund the respective amount of VAT to you.