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Can I change or edit my product design after placing the order?

If you want to choose a completely different product, that is impossible at the moment. This instruction is to change the the hairstyle, color, drink option, quotes or person on your existing designs.

There are different ways to edit based on the time you ordered:

1. Within the first 2 hours after placing the order 

You can edit the design on your Order Detail. From this page, click on the Edit Design button to edit it yourself.

If you dont know about the Order Detail page, check this article first. 

There is a box popping up where you can edit your design. After re-filling the options, click the Update Design option to finish the update.

That's all!

2. After 2 hours of placing order

If your order is still unprocessed , we can still help you with that. Please click on the chat bubble at the bottom with the most correct design you want and our Customer Support team will fix it for you. 

Gossby has both agents and chatbots that can collect your requests and update them for you. 


However, if the order has been processed, we won't be able to change it for you. Therefore, kindly make sure to contact us as soon as you can. 


Your shipping and billing address can also be changed just like your address, with the same limited time: 2 hours. Check this article for detail.