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Account Overview

There are a lot of benefits when you have a Gossby account:

  • Manage and Keep track of all your orders 
  • Buy again old items with just 1 click 
  • Save your favorite items with Wish List 
  • Save multiple addresses for later

Check those features below and get the most out of your Gossby Account 

1. Log in Account portal

  • If you are a new visitor, you can create an account in a minute by choosing the signup button. 
  • If you have purchased before, an account has been automatically created and you can sign in using the same email. Note that since there is no password created yet, you need to click on the Forgot password option to reset your password with the existing email to log in. 
About Sign Up and Sign In detailed Instruction, you can refer to this article instead. 

2. What can be done in the Gossby account?

a. Manage and Keep track of all your orders

As long as the email you are using to log in to your Gossby Account is the one you used when purchased at Gossby, all your previous orders will be archived there. 

To track all orders, log in to your Account >> My Purchases. All orders even canceled and refunded ones will be archived here. You can also view the detailed timeline of each order.

Check this instruction instead if you are having difficulty with this function.

b. Buy again old items with just 1 click 

Under each order that was archived in the My Purchases section, find this button to add the orders in your current cart: 

Check this detailed instruction if you are having difficulty buying your order again.

c. Save your favorite items with Wish List

Discover so many cool items but can not save all of them? No worries, just give it a heart on the product page:


and you can find them 1 second later in your Wish List. 


Remember to log in every time you access Gossby so your liked items will always be added to your Wish List.

d. Save multiple addresses for later

Take a look at this Checkout page, how convenient it is to have pre-saved addresses to choose from!


To do so, simply go to your Account >> Account Settings >> Addresses


In this setting, you can:

  • Pre-save multiple addresses to use later
  • Set one of them as the default.