Why is my Gossby tracking number not working?

1. Tracking information may not be updated immediately for some reasons

  • The tracking number has just been created and the tracking information may not have been updated yet. After being sent out, your tracking number will need up to 7 days to be updated due to delays between the scanning process and the website's updates. 

  • The package may not be scanned until it reaches the regional hub near the destination. 

  • The package is in transit between the origin and the destination country. Once the package leaves the origin country the tracking information will not be updated until it reaches the destination country. 

In case your tracking status has not been updated for over 10 business days, please contact us to be supported right away. 

 2. Shipping and Carrier Delays

Carriers can be impacted by different events in certain areas. Check for known shipping delays in your area using the links below:  

For any other concerns about pickup, delivery, and shipping delays, please chat with us using the chat button or go to our contact us page.   

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