Why is my promo code not working?

Not seeing the price reduction after clicking “Apply”? Here are some of the most common issues with your discount code and the reasons why it might not be working:

1. You entered a 10% code but it only gave 5% off:

There is a possibility that you haven't entered the code exactly as it was advertised. Please note that our system will automatically allow 5% off for any random code.

Therefore, try copying and pasting it, and don't leave any extra characters or spaces. To avoid entering wrong discount code, you should:

  • Check spacing, character errors, and/or spelling mistakes.

  • Check you’re not mixing up the numbers 0/1 and the letters O/I.

Additionally, if you enter a discount obtained from an unauthorized 3rd-party website, it’s not the official code that we released, so you can only receive 5% off if you apply that code. Gossby only sends discount codes for you via email promotion/SMS/LiveChat.


2. Your code is invalid or has expired:

All codes' life eventually comes to an end, make sure your promotion code has not expired. Many sales are time-sensitive and this expiration information can be located near the bottom of the promotional email received or on top of the sales section within our website.

3. You still haven't filled in your information yet:

Before applying a discount code on the Secure Checkout page, you need to fill in your contact info and the shipping info. If not, a message will be shown as the reference below:


Here is what you should do:

  • Click on "Secure Checkout" button

  • Fill in your shipping address, then scroll down and apply the discount code


If you are sure your promotion code is valid for your order but it still doesn’t work, please contact us for further assistance.

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