Why was I charged without purchasing anything?

We set your privacy and security as the highest priority. To prevent scams or frauds, Gossby only captures a payment once receiving permission from card owners and also uses an internal Fraud Detection system to review a payment. Any payment that is suspected as Fraud will be temporarily paused to get more verification from the card owner.

If you notice an unusual charge coming from Gossby or DLS, please chat with us by clicking the chat bubble on the right corner of the screen and give us the following information so we can quickly investigate the problem and give you the answer:

1. A screenshot of the Transaction history.

2. The amount you have been charged, your Paypal account (if charged via Paypal) / the last 4 digits of your card if you use a credit card)

3. Your email address

4. Description of more details (if any) 

In any case, we guarantee to assist you with the best options in that case. Please inform us as soon as possible. We are happy to assist wholeheartedly to untangle and relieve your anxiety. 

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