Where does my Gossby order ship from?

Our company operates with several fulfillment centers around the world. We have warehouses in:

  • United States of America

  • Australia

  • United Kingdom

  • Netherlands

  • Poland

  • Italy  

  • Canada

  • Vietnam

  • China

Once the order is placed, Gossby will route your order to one or more suppliers based on the delivery location and product types in the order, who then print and ship the order. In some cases, orders with multiple types of products may come from multiple suppliers, which means that your order could arrive in separate packages at different times. Ideally, in case the blank product type you ordered is out of stock; the weather or social conditions disrupt production, the order will then be sent to another warehouse for printing. 

If you are in Europe and were charged for Tax, it is not the Import Tax but VAT Tax, and it does not relate to the fact that items were fulfilled outside your country. 

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