How to use Express shipping service?

1. How to use Express Shipping?

Currently, Express Shipping is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. In terms of products, Express Shipping is available for almost all kinds of items.

If the item you are looking at can apply Express Shipping, an option will automatically appear as below:

Therefore, if you do not see this option on your item, it can be either your location or the items which are not compatible with the Express shipping option. You can chat with our agents and we will help to find some products instead that you may love.

2. How much will I be charged?

First of all, just like the other methods, the Express shipping fee is calculated based on the shipping destination. 

You will see the exact fees on the Checkout page after filling in your shipping address like the following example:

After considering both options, you can choose the shipping option by pressing on it. 

3. I saved a discount code from Gossby, can I use it for Express shipping orders?

Yes, of course, you can do that. There are two types of discount codes: the one that applies for sub-total and the one that applies for your whole payment. The type of discount code should have been mentioned when we sent it to you. 

If you still have any further questions about our Express shipping service, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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