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When will I receive my Gossby package?

In this article:

  1. Expected delivery date
  2. How to deal with late delivery order

1. The expected delivery date


Shipping Time is different and depends on your location. Kindly check the detail below:


*Please note that these are estimated delivery times only.

2. How to deal with late delivery orders. 

a. Acknowledge your expected date.

While checking out, you will see an expected delivery date under the name of items. You can use it to estimate your receiving date:


Desktop view


Mobile view

b. Follow on your Order details page

Kindly check this article if you have not had your Order Details links.

After purchasing, you can still track the process. By accessing the Order detail page, you can see what has been done with the order:


c. Contact us to report a late delivery

Please chat with us by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom if you need help, especially if the package does not arrive by the expected date. 

Our agent will have to track it further and also give you a proper solution for the issue.