The Shipping fee is compulsory for all orders, while VAT Tax is only required for some countries. All fees can be checked on the Checkout page before you place the order.

How does Gossby calculate the Shipping fee?

Shipping charges are estimated due to your location and the order’s weight. The minimum shipping fee will be $6.99. 

By saying that, international delivery or heavy orders may cost more shipping fee.

Why is Tax added here?

Whether you will be charged with customs and taxes or not, depends on your shipping address because Tax, along with Custom fees, is regulated by destination countries. We will inform you about the Tax once you fill in the shipping address during Checkout. 

For countries in Europe, the government levy a Value-Added Tax (VAT) on purchases for consumption and this Tax type is not only applied to imported parcels but all kinds of goods and services. 

Therefore, European shipping addresses may be added 20% order amount as VAT tax in the receipt during checkout. 

Read more about VAT Tax by click here or here.

Will I have to pay other fees?

Some countries may require an imported fee, customs fees or handling fees once you get the package from the delivery service. It does not happen for all. However, it depends on the regulations of your country and it is out of our control. Moreover, these fees will be charged by your government.