After placing an order, you can change your shipping address directly by yourself within the first 2 hours by clicking on the "Edit Order" button:

There is a box popping up where you can edit your detailed shipping address and billing address as below. Please ensure that your address is completed with correct information so that your package can be delivered successfully.

After 2 hours have passed, our Customer Support team can update your address until the item is processed. Please contact us soon with enough information to edit your address.

Once your order has been printed, it will no longer be possible to change the shipping address (unless the order is already being held for some reason). However, in some cases, if your shipping address is wrong which may cause some delays in the shipment, we recommend contacting our support team. We will help you to update it and resend you another item to your correct shipping address.

Our system can also detect the error in your shipping address (ex: wrong zip code). In this case, your order is temporarily being held and we will send you an email to verify your shipping address as below:

If you have received this email, kindly provide us the address information so we will help you edit it and process your order soon.