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Sign In and Sign Up your Gossby account

In this article

  • Registration Instruction 
  • Instruction to access Account Portal
  • Notes

A. Registration Instruction

1. If you have already purchased at Gossby.

Our system will automatically create an account for you after you complete your order, using the purchased email. 

Therefore, if you have already purchased at Gossby, you only need to sign in using your existing email. If there is no password created, please choose the Forgot password option to reset your password.

2. If you are a new visitor at Gossby.

We suggest creating a new account even if you have not purchased yet, so you can get most of those helpful features and save times when you want to check out later. 

Sign up on Desktop:


Sign up on Mobile:


B. Instruction to access Account Portal

  • On Desktop, beside the cart icon, there are two separate buttons for Sign In and Sign Up already. 
  • On Mobile: Click on the icon at the top left of your mobile screen.

You will be able to sign in or sign up from there.


C. Notes 

  • To change your account password, check this instruction.
  • If you already had an account and want to have another one, simply use a different email and sign up again. 
  • To see what you can do with your account, check the Account Overview article.