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How to unsubscribe from Gossby email list?

Although we really love to get in touch with you, we do respect your choice to unsubscribe from our email. Below are different options to go:

Unsubscribe in the email:

You can find this unsubscribe button on any of our emails.

  • Beside sender name:
  • From the footer at the bottom:

 Chat with Gossby agent and ask for removal from the list.

As always, we have 24/7 agent who can help you to be removed from Gossby email list. Just click on the button below and start a chat with us.

B. Why am I receiving your marketing emails?

Gossby is only able to send marketing emails after receiving your permission.

1. Accepted on checking out:

When you're about to check out, there is a dialogue at the end of the checkout page as the screenshot below. 


If it is checked, emails about our new products, updates, or sale campaigns are being sent to your mailbox. 

  1. Subscribing to our Newsletter.

Another way to receiving our marketing emails is to leave your email address at the bottom of our website.


Please be assured that even if you unsubscribe from our Mail list, we will still be here in case you need our assistance. Simply click on the chat bubble and start a conversation, we will be right back.