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How to track my Gossby order?

In this article:

  • Track orders from the Order detail page  
  • Find tracking links directly on fulfillment emails
  • The view order status on your Gossby Account 

1. Check the Order detail page

Gossby provides a page called Order Detail for each order where you can have a detailed processing timeline. You can check where your order is at the moment. 

Besides, if your order has been shipping, you will have tracking details on it. 



Below are some ways to visit the Order detail page: 

  1. Visit the Track Order page on our website and enter your order information (Email and order ID) to be redirected to the Order Detail page.
  2. Access from our confirmation emails: Find the Manage or Track order button at the end and access the Order Details page from there.

2. Find the tracking link on your fulfillment email

When we start to ship your package and a tracking number is generated, we will send you an email with the title Order #GB** fulfilled.


The tracking number can be found in the email. Click there and you will be redirected to the courier website to see tracking details.

3. View order status on your Gossby Account  

We recently launched the Gossby Account system that allows you to easily track your old purchases and those processing orders. 

Check this detailed instruction about How to track the order with the Gossby account.

If you still have difficulty tracking your order, no worries, we are here to assist. Just click on the chat bubble at the bottom and meet us right away.