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How to get in touch with Gossby?

Gossby guarantees to give proper response within 24 hours. In case you are still waiting for our response, there can be some technical delay or our team may experience unexpectedly high volume at the moment. 
Even if there are some delays, we will make sure to take care 100% of your inquires after all.

Below are all our support channels that you can contact: 

24/7 Livechat

We suggested that you choose this channel to contact Gossby since your inquires will be taken care of right away. 

You can click on the chat bubble at the bottom of this current tab or click here to meet our LiveChat agent. Otherwise, please visit our Facebook page here or Instagram here then shoot us an Inbox message whenever you want.


Our Call center is available from 9 AM to 5:30 PM CST every day.

If Livechat and Email are not your favorite, don't hesitate to choose one of those lines to start your call:

+1 (585) 366 8846
+1 (844) 976 2696 


In comparison to Livechat, the Email channel might take us more hours to respond. Below are two email addresses that you can contact us:


Thank you for choosing Goosby. We are more than happy to support you.