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How to cancel my order?

After placing your order, if you change your mind and do not want your ordered item anymore, you have 2 hours to cancel it yourself then we will proceed with it. 

Step by step Tutorial

  • From your order confirmation email, go to Manage or Track order button located at the bottom of the email. All order information will be displayed.
  • Click the button to be directed to your Order detail page.
  • Click the "Cancel Order" button and verify the reason you want to cancel it.

After this 2-hour timeframe, if you still want to cancel your order, you need to contact us to check further.

However, please know that cancellation at this stage is not guaranteed. We can only proceed with the cancellation if the order has not been processed. 


This self-cancellation is only available for the first 2 hours of your order being created.  
Once an order is canceled, we cannot undo this. You will need to replace the order yourself.