How to remove the transparent film from acrylic products?

Acrylic products typically have a layer of protective paper or film (cover or foil) to prevent scratches, fingerprints, dust, or any damage during transport. This protective film is generally transparent, but occasionally it can appear blue, white/cloudy, or yellow-brown. It can be challenging to recognize the film through your eyes.

In order to use the item, it is necessary to remove the protective film. By doing so, one can observe a noticeable difference between the item's appearance before and after removal. The item will appear much clearer and purer once the film has been taken off.

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Below are some helpful ways to easily remove the film by yourself. Start by wearing gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the acrylic surface and to avoid injuring yourself. 

1.Using your fingernail

Place the acrylic item on a flat table and look for a corner of the film that is already peeling or loose. If there isn't one, use a fingernail or a plastic scraper to gently lift a corner of the film. 

Once you have a corner of the film lifted, slowly and carefully pull the film off the acrylic surface. Try to pull the film off in a single piece if possible to avoid leaving behind any residue or adhesive. It may be difficult to get started, but once you get enough to grab, it will just peel right off. Be careful not to scratch the acrylic with your nails.

2.Using a plastic cap of a pen

If it is difficult to tear off the acrylic film with your bare hands, try to find a good corner of the item, then use something that is made of plastic and rounded, such as the plastic cap of a pen. Using light pressure, try to lift the film by hand. Once you see a little thing lifted, grab it with your fingernails and remove it easily.

3.Using nail polish remover

Sometimes, there might be adhesive marks or stickers on the acrylic surface after you tear off the adhesive layer. Apply a small amount of the non-greasy nail polish cleaner to a soft cloth and gently rub it over the residue until it comes off.

4.Using a hairdryer

If the film doesn't come off easily, you can try using a hairdryer to heat up the adhesive. Hold the hairdryer a few inches away from the film and move it back and forth over the film until it becomes pliable. Then, slowly peel off the film as before. 

Remember, the film is adhered to the acrylic by a certain means to play a protective role. So, no matter which removal method you use, please be careful not to damage the acrylic.

If you have any other problems with acrylic film or need further help, please don't hesitate to chat with us. We will be happy to assist you. 

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